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2017 Annual Membership Meeting – Minutes

2017 Annual Membership Meeting

November 30, 2017

The Annual Meeting of the Windsor Heights Chamber of Commerce was held at Saison Kitchen & Pub at 6611 University Avenue, Windsor Heights, Iowa at 5:30PM

Notice of the meeting had been sent out, telephone calls were made to members, the meeting was posted on Facebook as well as Twitter and there was also an email sent to members. President Jonathan Koester called the meeting to order after Executive Director Michael Libbie affirmed there was a quorum.

Secretaries Report – Due to the resignation of MaryBeth Meyer from the Board Executive Director Michael Libbie shared the minutes of the 2016 Membership Meeting. Motion by Dave Moench, second by Kris Gregerson to approve. Motion Passed.

Treasurers Report – Dave Moench reported funds on hand of $27,091.32 and shared with the members that 2017 was lighter in revenue than in past years. One of the major contributors was what has been a reduction in dues paid. Several members opted to “trade out” their 2017 dues which also caused a reduction. Celebrate Windsor Heights and the 2017 Golf Event did not bring in as much revenue as some past years. A motion by Louisa Dykstra to approve the report received a second from David Swartz. Motion Passed. Dave then brought up the need to streamline the expense portion of the Chamber. Currently the Executive Director has been taking votes on all expenditures. Dave had visited with legal council and suggested that the Executive Director be allowed to spend up to $500 per transaction and then share that expense with the Treasurer and that funds expended over $500 per transaction should be taken to the Board of Directors for a vote. Motion by Kris Gregerson, second by Ned Miller. Motion Passed.

Election of Officers – Because President Jonathan Koester and Vice President Theresa Greenfield are elected to terms of two years the only officers to elect is that of Treasurer and Secretary. The slate of Dave Moench, Treasurer and Scott Heldt, Secretary was presented. Motion by Pete Randol to cease nominations received a second by Ned Miller. Motion Passed. Motion by Kris Gregerson to elect the slate received a second from Ned Miller. Motion Passed.

Presidents Report – President Jonathan Koester thanked the members who attended and while the numbers were down a bit from last year he speculated it was because people came last year before Saison was open as a preview of the restaurant. President Koester said the Chamber has grown over the past year to involve more people in volunteer and leadership roles. He said that he will be chairing the Greater Des Moines Partnership Affiliate Presidents Council which is a nice opportunity for Windsor Heights. “In fact, you would be proud of the way we are represented at the Greater Des Moines Partnership in the professional way in which our Executive Director interacts with the members.” He went on to say that Windsor Heights continues to “punch above our weight” considering how small we are yet we are asked to continue to serve in leadership positions.

Jonathan shared with the members information about the Washington D.C. trip noting that he and our Executive Director attended. Ned Miller urged the members to continue to attend the event as it is critical to not only economic development but also in creating relationships with other cities and leadership in Washington D.C.

Jonathan went on to share with the members that the role of the Windsor Heights Chamber is going to be elevated over the next year as we work toward a possible re-design of University Avenue, take an active role in economic development, work with partners in raising our revenue and become more focused on representing our members through education and advocacy.  Jonathan went on to share with the members our concern with the ATE and how, if we work hard, we may be able to see a re-design of University Avenue that will mean the end of that type of enforcement. Jonathan also shared with the members to upcoming issue of Local Option Sales and Service Tax and gave the background on the subject. He also encouraged the members to attend the November Lunch & Learn later this week as the topic was going to be the Local Option Sales and Service Tax with Mayor Diana Willits.

The next regular meeting of the Windsor Heights Board is scheduled for Thursday the 7th of December at 8:30AM in the HyVee Conference Room.

The meeting adjourned at 6:20PM on a motion by Louisa Dykstra and a second by Pete Randol.

Submitted by – Michael P. Libbie, Executive Director




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